Do Your Thang Girl

lane Bryant, forever 21, H&M, plus size denim lane Bryant, forever 21, H&M, plus size denim PHOTOGRAPHY BY JU'WAN ANDREWS

forever 21, lane bryant, H&M, plus size denim [ TOP:FOREVER 21 |DENIM SKIRT:LANE BRYANT | HEELS:H&M ]

I am not sure if I have ever made my goal clear for this blog but I want to briefly say that my intent is to empower women and encourage them to express themselves in a way that is authentic and true to self.  Allowing society or friends and family to dictate what to wear and not to wear is  easy to do but not good for our souls. It is time to do what make us feel good about ourselves and not be concerned how others will perceive it.

I am forever on a journey of discovering what I like and dislike, but I am finding it out for myself and basing it off of my personal feelings and opinions. Don't get me wrong, I am all for flattering your figure and accentuating your best features, but play around until YOU like what YOU see.

Moral of the story: Do your thang' girl! Stay true to yourself and what you like.

Besos Chicas

You Are Beautiful!

Xo Serena